Gotham High Staff Room

Hollywood's calling! Here's your chance to direct and star in your own movie. Explore the use of digital storytelling in teaching and learning. Learn about pre and post-production including storyboarding, editing, narrating and adding special effects and music. Work in teams to conceive, shoot and create an original piece. Investigate classroom possibilities during this exciting two day workshop. Who will get the Oscar?

This course involves two face-to-face days in conjunction with ongoing on-line mentoring which aims to enhance professional collaboration and consolidation of ideas.

Audience: Primary & Secondary: Teachers K-12

Categories: Professional Learning - KLA Specific

Subjects: Creative Arts, Visual Arts, English

Dates: Session 1- Thursday 31 May, 8.30am for 9am-3pm.
Session 2- Thursday 21 June, 8.30am for 9am-3pm.

Venue: AISNSW, Sydney

If you are interested please register with your Head of Department.

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