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Ted Talks

This collection of TED talks videos will hopefully be of aid in and out of classroom.  Watch the world from different and interesting points of view. Get your brain moving.

For teachers

Get inspired. Challenge yourself.

For students

Some of the best TED talks to get them thinking.


Sometimes we need an extra push to survive those long weeks teaching. Watch again (or for the first time) the most amazing and inspiring movies about teachers.

See this list "Best movies about teachers" at IMDB.

Online Articles

Interested what's trending in education right now? Interested in new technologies and techniques you can apply to your classroom? Interested in getting new resources?

Here you'll find links that will answer all that and more.  Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom, or share your own findings. 

An introductory guide to ipads for teachers

The 200 Best Special Education Apps

GISMaps to draw on GoogleMaps

How tech will transform the traditional classroom

More articles will be added every week.

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