Gotham High Staff Room

The responsibility for the book room will be split according to stage.

Stages 4-5 section: Mrs Lee, Mr Aiken and Mr Simpson will have responsibility for the .

Stage 6 section: Mr Watson and Miss Shelley.

Online book: Roaster to be created

Responsibility for the online book room will lie with a different teacher every semester with this role being open to teachers of any class. The general manager will create a roster at the beginning of each term to determine who has responsibility for the online book room.

Each of these sections should only be accessed by the teachers who have responsibility for that stage.
If it is an exceptional reason in which you must borrow a book from another section then talk to the book room general manager who will provide you with the right paper work.

Each semester a teacher will be assigned the role of Book Room General Manager. He or she will be allocated to look over the book room. He or she will make sure books are returned to their proper section, and that they are returned in good conditions.

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