Gotham High Staff Room

This session is aimed at all educators K-12. It presents digital literacy as the focus for the learning process delivered in support of curriculum. Digital literacy incorporates information literacy, critical literacy and ICT literacy. Understanding the core skills in digital literacy and being able to integrate these into a curriculum is more critical than before with the Digital Education Revolution. Come along for practical insights into how you can make a real difference to your students' digital literacy.

Please note this course involves 1 day face to face and an online component.

Audience: Primary & Secondary: Teachers K-12 interested in integrating ICT in the curriculum (Blended learning course incorporating one day face to face and an online component)

Categories: Professional Learning - Cross KLA

Subjects: Information Technology , Teacher Librarian

Date: Monday 06 August- 8.30am for 9am-3pm

Venue: AISNSW, Sydney

If you are interested in attending this seminar please register with your Head of Department.

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